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Драконий жемчуг Зет
[ Dragon Ball Z ]




Драконий жемчуг Зет [ Dragon Ball Z ]





































Сезон 1, Серия 151: The only one remaining hope.. The silent warrior Number 16 gets up!
Сезон 1, Серия 152: He swallowed Number 17.. The transformed Cell is a super gourmet
Сезон 1, Серия 153: I`ll pound you tomorrow! Son Goku`s challenge
Сезон 1, Серия 154: I`ll settle everything! The new Vegeta father and son take off
Сезон 1, Серия 155: Immediately going all out! Vegeta`s brilliant super power
Сезон 1, Серия 156: Cell kneel! I`m the Super Vegeta!
Сезон 1, Серия 157: The dangerous pride! The challenge to the complete Cell!
Сезон 1, Серия 158: I can`t make up my mind! Kuririn`s maneuvering to destroy Number 18!!!
Сезон 1, Серия 159: A shock to the entire universe! Cell`s evolution into completeness
Сезон 1, Серия 160: Infinite attack power! A God of destruction called Cell is born
Сезон 1, Серия 161: Super Vegeta in danger! The completely perfect terror draws near!
Сезон 1, Серия 162: Go beyond the limit of Super Saiya-jin! Trunks calls on a storm
Сезон 1, Серия 163: Save your father! Trunks` anger that scorches the heavens
Сезон 1, Серия 164: The future of despair! The man who lived through the hell, Trunks
Сезон 1, Серия 165: A weakness in Super Trunks! Cell`s very shocking statement
Сезон 1, Серия 166: Myth of the New World Top Martial Arts Competition
Сезон 1, Серия 167: Viewer rating 100%! Live coverage of the deadly Cell game
Сезон 1, Серия 168: Super Power of Son Goku and Gohan. Increase your power to the Max
Сезон 1, Серия 169: Son Goku`s composure!? Just rest and wait for the Cell game
Сезон 1, Серия 170: The relaxation of the fighters...The girl the lie and Gohan`s decision
Сезон 1, Серия 171: The hidden strength! When Gohan was a baby
Сезон 1, Серия 172: Find the Kamisama! Son Goku, the great instantaneous teleportation
Сезон 1, Серия 173: Dende Bring`s the Dragon Balls back to Life
Сезон 1, Серия 174: Wisely snatching the Dragon Balls, Mr. Satan shows his stuff
Сезон 1, Серия 175: Prelude to the Final Battle! Mr. Satan is going to Fight First...
Сезон 1, Серия 176: Here come`s Satan`s Army! Mr. Satan Gets Beat in one hit...
Сезон 1, Серия 177: Son Goku and Cell Square Off together...
Сезон 1, Серия 178: Direct Hit on Earth! Cell`s Kamehameha
Сезон 1, Серия 179: Lose or Die. Son Goku`s Secret Turnabout Plans
Сезон 1, Серия 180: The End of the Desperate Struggle. Son Goku`s Surrender!!!
Сезон 1, Серия 181: Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest! His name is Gohan
Сезон 1, Серия 182: Gohan get Mad: Release the Sleeping Power Within!
Сезон 1, Серия 183: Small Wonders!!! Cell`s Juniors Attack
Сезон 1, Серия 184: The Tragedy of Number 16. Super Gohan`s Anger Explodes
Сезон 1, Серия 185: Real Power Blowup. Exploding Cell Juniors
Сезон 1, Серия 186: Gohan Staggers Cell with 2 Punches
Сезон 1, Серия 187: Cell`s Perfect Body Breaks Down
Сезон 1, Серия 188: Bye Bye Everyone!!! Son Goku`s last Teleportation
Сезон 1, Серия 189: A Nightmare is Reborn... The Absolute Terror
Сезон 1, Серия 190: From Father To Son Goku`s Spirit Passed Down
Сезон 1, Серия 191: The Fight is over. Thank you? Son Goku!!!
Сезон 1, Серия 192: I`ll Be up there. Farewell with a Smile
Сезон 1, Серия 193: Gohan tells Chichi about Son Goku`s death. Trunks Leaving for the Future!!
Сезон 1, Серия 194: I`ll protect the Future!!! Trunks eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell
Сезон 1, Серия 195: The Strongest in Hades. Goku confronts the Ginyu Force, Freezer, Cold and Cell
Сезон 1, Серия 196: An Assembly of fighters from all Eras...Goku enters Dai-Kaio`s tournament
Сезон 1, Серия 197: Hold that breath! The Son Goku Hurricane
Сезон 1, Серия 198: Son Goku makes it to the final round. Goku vs. Pikuhan
Сезон 1, Серия 199: Son Goku vs. Pikuhan, the battle continues. What, disqualification?
Сезон 1, Серия 200: Seven Years since that Event!! From now on Im a High School Student



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